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One of our company's core values is "Become a part of our client's business", and we believe that this holds true for the service we delivered to luxury motorcycle dealership Ducati Newport Beach (DNB). In January of 2019 our team took over DNB's Instagram and Facebook marketing campaigns. As with many of our clients, DNB was a referral client for us. The dealership's management knew they needed to have a strong social media presence to compete with the other motorcycle dealerships in Southern California. They had exhausted their in-house resource who was managing the social media accounts in addition to customer service, inventory management, and bike sales. As with so many of our other clients they no longer had the time to manage their socials sufficiently, and decided to outsource their social media marketing to our team at Somnu Medias. Since Somnu's takeover of Ducati Newport Beach's social media accounts they have gone from 8,500 followers on Instagram to over 45,000; and they were named 2020's Best Overall Dealership for North & South America by Ducati Motor Holding!


From the get-go we noticed the amazing community and employees at the family owned & operated Ducati Newport Beach dealership. We strategically used this to our advantage in creating shareable digital content for the dealership. We focused on the daily activities at the dealership while simultaneously scheduling photoshoots with customers of the dealership (because who doesn't love photos of themselves on their bike...?). Our customer photoshoots were an instant success with many of the customers using our photos for their "profile images" on Instagram & Facebook! By offering this service we bolstered our content library while simultaneously building/maintaining lasting relationships with DNB's customer base. In addition, we created & managed their Facebook/Instagram shops and have been responsible for the sales of bikes, accessories, and apparel!

As stated above since our takeover DNB has grown their Instagram presence by more than 490% and counting. In that same timeframe their Facebook page has experienced a 30% follower growth with an unprecedented growth in content engagement. DNB wanted to stand out amongst other motorcycle dealerships in the Southern California area and around the world by publishing original, shareable motorcycle digital content on a daily basis. We also ran an efficient and effective social media ad campaign to target new motorcycle customers in the Southern California area. 


After a 2 year relationship with the dealership the Somnu team & the dealership's owner mutually decided that our relationship had run its course, and it was time for Somnu to grow with other clients. We continue to have a tremendous amount of respect for the dealership and we wish them all the best in their current digital marketing efforts.

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This case study was last updated 12-01-2020.

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