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Being born & raised in Orange County California Peter was exposed to some of the world’s finest brands & marketing campaigns; from luxury vehicles & fashion brands to adventure sports brands and professional athletics; Peter has spent his lifetime studying, analyzing, and engaging with high-caliber marketing campaigns. Peter attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada where he played Canadian football and studied graphic design. During his time at UBC Peter built a strong relationship with the environment & humanity as a whole. To this day he takes pride in his philanthropic work for less privileged communities & the environment. Peter started Somnu Medias in 2018 to help local businesses grow their digital marketing efforts.


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Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hannah grew up surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains. With the influence of the great outdoors, her weekends were always spent skiing, hiking, biking and climbing. Hannah grew a great appreciation for the environment and pursued a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah studying Environmental Sustainability. Her experience in her studies has pushed her to work with multiple environmental conservation non-profits across multiple states. Working with people and the environment, creating public awareness, and creatively sharing this type of work is how Hannah got started with Somnu Medias in early 2021. 

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