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5 things needed to become a professional videographer.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

A person holds a camera gimbal while filming the ocean.

If you want to become a videographer/photographer, but have been waiting until you have enough money for that fancy RED Camera or that Sony mirrorless; I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any of that to get started. Sure, save for that glam cam, but contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to start creating fantastic content for under $30! Here are some really amazing tools that can help you get started:

A woman holding a phone & her sunglasses takes a photo of an ocean cliff.

  1. A phone (hopefully you already have this). Your phone is a powerful tool - the camera in a lot of modern day phones is capable of taking fantastic photos! To realize that capability and tap into its full potential, you have to stay tuned for the release of our course where we will teach you all about mobile filmmaking. Until then check out the free course we filmed which teaches you everything you need to know about mobile filmmaking.

  2. A selfie stick ($24)- hear me out, I bought this for a measly $24 on Amazon, and I’ve brought it with me on every single shoot. It’s basically a mini tripod, and the best part is that it’s SUPER portable and lightweight! Even as someone who has a fancy tripod/monopod, there is something really amazing about how this selfie stick can fit in a small bag/backpack, and still extend to 51 inches! If you end up upgrading to a DSLR camera, guess what?! You can attach that to it too!

  3. Snapseed (FREE) - Download this free photo editor right now! I’ve actually seen companies use this app as a free alternative to more expensive software. If you are looking to start photo editing, this is a great app to start with for FREE! I’ve used it before and I thought it was a really powerful app with a lot of customization options. I eventually did upgrade to the Adobe Creative Cloud, but I would still hands down recommend Snapseed to anyone that wants a good quality free photo editing app!

  4. Blender (FREE) - I’ve honestly never used Blender before, but I know a lot of filmmakers who recommend this as a free video editing app if you are looking for a place to start!

  5. A story (FREE) - Last but not least, what you really need to get started is a story that you plan to tell in your photo/video. Whether it’s a funny story about your dog or a cooking video with your grandma, think about the story you want to tell and then think about the visuals that could accompany that! Write it down on a piece of paper or on google docs so that you can easily write down your notes and share it with any collaborators you might have!

I hope you enjoyed my article! Please let us know in the comments how YOU plan to get started!


Written by Talia Cuttitta on July 20, 2021

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