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Where do you want to be?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022


There’s a saying that goes something like “if you’re standing still you’re not only missing your chance to move forward, but you’re also increasing your chance of moving backwards.” This concept applies to much more than one circumstance with

the Somnu team.

Why did I join Somnu?

A man and woman grasp in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

The pieces fell into place. I had left my previous position at the start of the summer of 2020, the pandemic was happening, people were transitioning from office work to remote work, and I decided that there was no better time for me to reflect on myself than at THAT point. I took the summer, worked on my physical health, my mental health, and traveled (as much as you could with the restrictions in place). This allowed me to separate my wants from my needs. When you’re in a position where you’re not making income you take it one of two ways. You either start panicking a little bit because you overwhelm yourself with the thought of bills, or you start figuring out who you really are because you’re not spending your time seeking a paycheck. I had a routine; wake up early, exercise for 2 hours, get ready, and go to the coffee shop for 4-5 hours and learn, learn, and then learn some more. At this point I had the opportunity to sit down with Pete and discuss an opportunity to help Somnu and build this vision that he had. The pieces fell into place.

A man works behind a laptop at a coffee shop.

I was taking baby steps. What started out a couple years before as an intimate idea that Pete had poured his life into was now becoming an experienced social media marketing agency. Above all, what stands at the forefront of what we do? Health. Our team takes pride in physical and mental health. It’s easy in today’s society to get caught up in a system of waking up, working, coming home, eating dinner, watching tv, go to bed, and then repeat. We don’t want that. We encourage our team, including ourselves, to get out, adventure, go to the gym, or into the mountains, or on a hike. We encourage our team to get away, because by getting away we’re not only rejuvenating our mental and physical health, but rather we’re inspiring ourselves to be more creative with the work that we do. Why do you think Google gives their employees 15% of their work day to simply “work on themselves”? Because it’s when you feel empowered with your time that you start becoming creative with it.


In the midst of my growth at Somnu we’ve been able to experience industries ranging from automotive, interior design, financial technology, environmental nonprofit, language, healthcare, event planning, and we’re just getting started. What’s the best part of working with a range of different industries?

Keeping a student mentality.

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Each industry is essentially a college course. We get the opportunity to dive in, network, understand, mess up, and above all, GROW with each industry.

So, why did I join Somnu?

Because there’s not a single day that I’m standing still.


Written by Spencer Cook on June 18, 2021

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