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Somnu delivers an innovative social media management experience which drives measurable results.


Our social media management agency helps keep your business's products & services front-of-mind for your potential customers. What does that mean? When you hire Somnu, you invest in a team of marketers who know how to effectively & efficiently leverage all social media platforms to keep your target audience engaged with your business. 


Our mission is to deliver an innovative social media management experience, and to disrupt the narrative of the modern work life.

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As a business owner you know how important it is to have strong communication channels with your customers. Our social media services not only enhance those communication channels, but also develop new high-value messaging interfaces. Today's workforce continues to use social media platforms to communicate with their friends & families; Somnu is here to add your business to their direct messaging inboxes. Ready to communicate your business's needs with a Somnu team member? 



Some people like making content, we LOVE it. When our team of creators aren't creating content for our clients they are out creating shareable content for their personal accounts. What sets Somnu aside from our competition? Instead of the limitation of having 1 marketing manager we offer a team of professional marketers to manage your campaigns.  Want to learn more about your new team of social media managers?



Each of our clients are aware of the power & necessity of having a consistent & authentic digital marketing campaign. That said, most of our clients are small businesses who just don't have the time nor the know-how to execute an effective digital marketing campaign. We have driven measurable results for businesses ranging in industries from healthcare to finance, & automotive to interior design. We guarantee that our services will grow your business's social media exposure. We like to think that our experience with our clients builds trust in our new clients. See the list of industries we have worked with previously below!


Ej headshot.png
Elizabeth J.
Healthcare CEO

Somnu was referred to us and I couldn’t be more thankful. They have taken our ideas and made them better than reality. Our key demographic is a niche space in healthcare and Somnu has gone above and beyond to understand & curate content that speaks directly to our space but also transcends all of healthcare.


Aaron Vallejo
Healthcare CEO

I started working with Somnu because I didn’t understand social media all that well. Somnu targeted their social media marketing strategy around our company’s vision. Pete & his team have treated us like VIP clients even though we are relatively small. With our social media representation we now have the credibility and confidence to go after more prominent clients.

Somnu Testimonial Headshot.png
Melissa Paige
Healthcare Executive

Somnu Inc. helped us take our vision and ideas to life with the content that was being published. As a brand, we all know strategy needs to be considered in each step. With Somnu"s help, we were able to tell that story and successfully bring a large in-person conference together after an 18 month pause.


jim w.png
Jim Williams
Dealership Owner

Their planning, quality, follow-up, and content that they provide are outstanding — I feel like they treat my business as their own. We see their team as our employees, and they're always part of our planning.

Paige Kunkle
Interior Designer

When we first met Somnu they contacted us for a mutual work partner. But it quickly became clear that they could help with our needs in all aspects of media and social media. I’m very happy with our continued partnership and helping the growth of my business.

Somnu Testimonial Headshot.png
Trey Markel
Fin-Tech CEO

Their strategies and personal involvement have significantly improved our finance CRM's engagement rate across YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The team sets timelines and expectations well and dedicates a good amount of time to creating interesting, on-brand, and industry-specific content.



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