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5 tips to grow on any social media platform.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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Time can be tricky in today’s generation, especially with social media. What once was a series of platforms that had their own unique characteristics have now turned into one of the most beneficial sources for business, personal branding, and networking. With constant changes in algorithm and engagement tools the need for social media strategy is at an all time high.

We’ll share five tips on what creates the most success with our clients in social media and what may ultimately help your brand or business gain more exposure, bring in more clients, or take the next step in expansion. LET’S ROCK!

1. Share Valuable Content You know what makes humanity unique? We’re all different. Having the capability to look through the lens of someone else when you create content is an invaluable trait. It’s easy for someone to share content that they like, rather than content that resonates with their viewers. That’s a common mistake in using social media to build your business. So what is valuable content? In a “sneak peek” explanation, valuable content allows the viewer to feel something, if they aren’t prompted to stop scrolling and look at your content for 3 seconds then they’re not experiencing your brand the way you’d want them to.

2. Videos There are three types of learners; visual, audio, and kinesthetic. We’ve gone through a rollercoaster of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media over the past 10 years, but one thing remains consistent; the power of video content. Taking time to turn any type of post into a video whether it’s a quote, product, announcement, acknowledgement, etc, your engagement will start to climb with today’s algorithm. See our classes to learn more about what videos perform the best for each platform.

3. Platform Specific Content Probably the most overlooked concept with social media is creating specific content for a specific social media platform. Thinking that one post with one caption with one set of hashtags will perform well on every social platform is a bit lazy, but it’s understandable. Going back to time, it’s something that we don’t have much of, especially if you’re running a business, so if you’re looking for consistency over production, posting the same content to every social platform is understandable, but your resources are unlimited in order to execute BOTH. Finding patterns in what visual content, text, format, and hashtags work for each platform can take your business to new levels with a diversity of connections. Check out our FREE class on "How to Hootsuite" to help you utilize Hootsuite the powerful online social media posting software.

4. Hashtags

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We’ve mentioned hashtags a few times up to this point, and they’re IMPORTANT. There’s a deep strategy in using hashtags so make sure to check out our classes to learn more, but MANY booming brands are using hashtags constantly. Why? Because hashtags make it easier to find information with a theme or specific content. Put yourselves in the shoes of someone wanting to learn something, wanting to know something, what would they look up in regards to your industry? One of the most important results that can come from using unique hashtags is the development of your external audience, and by that we mean the amount of people who view your content that are NOT already following you. The goal is to always move forward and the only way to do so is for new people to discover your business.

5. Do The Dirty Work We call this the PR work. By PR work we refer to the constant engagement with your followers, comments, profiles within your industry, industry pages, and groups within your industry. This isn’t necessarily the funnest part, but this goes a LONG way in building an organic audience. Having 100,000 followers and getting 10 people engaging with your content isn’t as impactful as having 10,000 followers and having hundreds of them engage with your content. What this “PR work” does for your business is grow an organic following of people invested in the growth of your brand rather than a following who will never see your content. The amount of followers don’t affect the algorithm of social networks, engagement does.

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If time is on your side, implement one of these tips with your social media strategy and see how your engagement steadily changes over time. If time isn’t available, reach out and get in touch with our team so that we can put together a plan specific for your business in order to help you grow. Also, don’t forget to check out our classes for a more in depth explanation of each of these points!


Written by Spencer Cook on August 2, 2021

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