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5 reasons why social media collaborations are important.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Somnu Media's Peter Markel capturing recap content for iBank at the MX Money Experience Summit
Somnu Medias' Peter Markel capturing recap content for iBank at the MX Money Experience Summit

It’s almost certain you are on social media, and today I am going to explain the importance of social media collaborations. First off, let’s narrow it down to Instagram as I am sure most of our readers have one. You use it to post about some of the events you have been going to, about your significant other, about your kids, and you are on to see other friends, family, & coworkers pages as well. This is exactly how most people are engaging on social media, odd posts here and there, maybe some videos every week or so. If you're like me then you get a lot of satisfaction in posting fun content about your life.

Let’s say you have a night out, and you take it a step further by tagging your friends in posts and stories. Inevitably, your friends are going to be so thrilled about the tag that they will share your post to their story. Now your post or story is being seen not just by your network, but by your friends’ networks as well!

It is simple, but that simple engagement is what makes social media so powerful. This same scenario can be implemented on any scale. The larger the scale, the larger the impact! It is incredibly important to engage in collaborations on social media, especially as a business. Collaborations create endless possibilities including blogging, video, live streams, and events.

Here are 5 reasons why collaborations through social media are important to you and your business.

1. First and foremost, you bring in a new audience. This is huge. A new audience ultimately means that you are growing your network, reaching new people, learning new ideas, garnering new opinions, and growing your engagement. Reaching a new audience is the number one ingredient for growth.

2. Your business garners more brand awareness! This is absolutely crucial as people need to know your brand for it to grow. With your name out there, people will recognize it when they come across it time and time again. People will start asking questions, they will start doing research on your brand, they will ultimately know exactly who you are, and most importantly they will start to buy what your business sells!

3. Collaborations show that you want others to be part of your story. It is not a one-way street and sharing your story with others is essential for growth. This will keep people engaged and spreading your message.

4. Collaborations show that you really value other people’s opinions and creativity. You don’t know it all so leveraging other’s knowledge provides both a giving and learning aspect. More minds at work will garner the best possible results. Why not give it a try?

5. Last of all, collaborations give you and your business the ability to grow your leadership and garner more business. With more people involved and with the ability to network, you and your business will expand and grow in ways you never imagined.

Collaborations are the core of business growth. They fuel your brand, they raise awareness, and they humanize your message. They don’t have to be large collaborations either! Start small. Start with one person and move up from there. You will be astounded by the impact a single collaboration can make on you and your business. Let’s start collaborating!

If your business is ready to start collaborating on social media but doesn't know how or doesn't have the time then consider reaching out to our team of experienced social media managers.


Written by Hannah Nelson January 28


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